Leading Distributor of Action Tesa hdhmr boards in hyderabad

Leading Distributor of Action TESA HDHMR Boards in Hyderabad

Welcome to RK’s Sketch Wood, your one-stop destination for top-quality interior products. As the leading distributor of Action TESA HDHMR boards in Hyderabad, we pride ourselves on offering superior products that are both durable and affordable. Action TESA HDHMR boards have revolutionized the interior infrastructure industry, and we’re excited to bring these exceptional products to our customers in Hyderabad and beyond.

Why Choose Action TESA HDHMR Boards?

1. High Density

Action TESA HDHMR (High-Density High Moisture Resistant) boards are crafted using hardwood, ensuring an impressive density of over 850 kg/m³. This high density provides a uniform density gradient and a compact core, making it perfect for various applications. The dense composition of these boards ensures they are robust and durable, offering exceptional longevity compared to traditional plywood.

2. High Moisture Resistance

One of the standout features of Action TESA HDHMR boards is their high moisture resistance. These boards are designed to withstand extreme moisture conditions, making them ideal for use in areas prone to high humidity and dampness. Whether you’re planning to install these boards in kitchens, bathrooms, or other moisture-prone areas, you can be assured of their durability and performance.

3. Borer and Termite Resistance

In regions where termite and borer infestations are common, the choice of material for furniture and interior infrastructure becomes crucial. Action TESA HDHMR boards are engineered to be highly resistant to both borers and termites, ensuring the longevity and safety of your furniture and installations. This resistance translates to lower maintenance costs and increased peace of mind for homeowners and businesses alike.

4. Smooth, Ready-to-Use Surface

The surface of Action TESA HDHMR boards is smooth and ready to use, eliminating the need for additional surface finishing. This feature makes the boards highly convenient for immediate application in a variety of projects. Whether you’re a professional interior designer or a DIY enthusiast, these boards save you time and effort, allowing you to achieve a perfect finish with ease.

5. Advanced German Technology

Action TESA HDHMR boards are manufactured using state-of-the-art German technology. The MAT formation and the 8-cylinder, 18-daylight press—the first of its kind in India—ensure that these boards meet the highest standards of quality and performance. This advanced manufacturing process contributes to the superior characteristics of the boards, making them a preferred choice for discerning customers.

Applications of Action TESA HDHMR Boards

The versatility of Action TESA HDHMR boards makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are some key areas where these boards excel:


In high-traffic areas like cafeterias, durability and resistance to moisture are crucial. Action TESA HDHMR boards provide the perfect solution, ensuring long-lasting performance despite constant use and exposure to spills and humidity.


Gyms require materials that can withstand wear and tear while maintaining their appearance. The toughness and moisture resistance of Action TESA HDHMR boards make them ideal for locker rooms, partitions, and other gym installations.

Desks and Lockers

For offices and educational institutions, the need for durable and termite-resistant materials is paramount. Action TESA HDHMR boards are perfect for desks, lockers, and other furniture, offering both strength and longevity.


In healthcare settings, hygiene and durability are critical. Action TESA HDHMR boards, with their smooth surface and resistance to moisture and pests, are ideal for hospital furniture and partitions, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment.

Kitchen Shutters

Kitchens are prone to moisture and spills, making moisture-resistant materials essential. Action TESA HDHMR boards are perfect for kitchen shutters, combining aesthetic appeal with practical benefits.

Furniture in Moisture-Prone Areas

Whether it’s a bathroom cabinet or a patio table, furniture in moisture-prone areas needs to be resistant to dampness. Action TESA HDHMR boards offer the perfect solution, ensuring your furniture remains sturdy and attractive.

Door Shutters

For both interior and exterior doors, durability and resistance to environmental factors are crucial. Action TESA HDHMR boards provide robust and reliable door shutters that stand the test of time.

Packing Industry

In the packing industry, the strength and durability of materials are vital. Action TESA HDHMR boards offer superior performance, ensuring that your packing solutions are both strong and reliable.


From office spaces to homes, partitions play a key role in interior design. Action TESA HDHMR boards offer the perfect balance of strength and aesthetic appeal, making them ideal for creating beautiful and durable partitions.

Technical Specifications

Exterior3 MM8ft X 4ft
Exterior5.50 MM8ft X 4ft
Exterior8 MM8ft X 4ft
Exterior12 MM8ft X 4ft
Exterior16 MM8ft X 4ft
Exterior18 MM8ft X 4ft
Exterior30 MM78in X 27in
Exterior30 MM78in X 33in
Exterior30 MM81in X 27in
Exterior30 MM81in X 33in
Exterior30 MM84in X 36in
Exterior30 MM84in X 30in
Exterior30 MM84in X 33in
At RK’s Sketch Wood, we offer Action TESA HDHMR boards in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet your specific needs.

Download Shade Card & User Guide

Action TESA Shade Card

Shade Card for Prelaminated HDHMR Boards

Here’s why you should download our shade card today: Explore a variety of shades to match your decor, Get a preview of the exceptional finish and texture, Simplify your decision-making process with all options in one place.

User Guide for HDHMR Boards

User Guide for HDHMR Boards

Our user guide is designed to help you get the most out of your HDHMR boards. It includes: Step-by-step instructions to ensure a perfect fit, Keep your boards looking new with our care tips,

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